Coaching is about changeMy clients come to me for many different reasons: to be a better leader, improve their team’s performance, or manage through a big transition. Yet they all share one common belief: if they keep doing things the same way, they will get the same unsatisfying results. Coaching is a life-changing process that begins the moment you make a commitment to change yourself. It takes a willingness to “unlearn” old beliefs in order to live a more fulfilling life.

Coaching services
Executive coaching – Like a fitness trainer, I work with leaders to strengthen muscles they didn’t realize they had, while giving over-developed muscles a rest. Together, we expand their range, so they can create the impact they want for themselves and with others. Clients become more self-aware, make smoother transitions, build stronger relationships and convey more leadership presence. This is equally effective for coaching pairs, like co-leaders or business partners.

Team Coaching – Everyone wants to be on a winning team – yet research shows only 10% of teams rate themselves “high performing.” In today’s efficiency-driven corporate world, team competency drives success. I use diagnostic tools to help teams identify their development areas. Then I design and implement programs that address both productivity needs (like alignment, accountability and goal-setting) and engagement needs (like trust, conflict resolution and communication). The result: cohesive teams with greater impact.

Group Training – Often, groups have a shared development need in one specific area. I work with them to provide the new skills and practical tools necessary to gain competency and confidence in that area. This includes: managing difficult conversations, negotiation skills, honing communication skills, training the trainer, cultivating women leaders, and more. I provide a blueprint for success for any group to follow.