Executive Coaching
I treat my clients as equal partners. Together, we share in the responsibility of moving them from where they are now to where they want to go. Through a blend of coaching techniques, skill-building tools and my own intuition, we create a pathway for greater success and growth.

The great news is that my clients have all the resources they need within them – I just help to uncover them. We do this by exploring old limiting beliefs/behaviors, replacing them with new powerful ones and taking action in order to achieve the results they want.

A typical program
Every program is custom designed to meet a client’s specific needs. We begin by establishing desired outcomes upfront so we can measure our success along the way. I may suggest using an assessment tool to provide us with greater insights and clarity for the coaching. Clients can expect to have “fieldwork” in between sessions that will help to stretch them so they can perform at their fullest potential. A typical program is designed based on six months and often clients choose to extend the program because of the results and feedback they are experiencing.

What to expect
What makes a coaching program successful is the level of connection and trust between coach and client. The power comes from the relationship more than the methodology.  I make sure to create a safe space so my clients are willing to push their comfort zone. It goes without saying that my coaching relationships are kept confidential – though my client’s progress will be apparent to everyone around them.

My style is to keep things simple and practical so tools and concepts can be adapted quickly and with ease. I am an honest, compassionate straight-shooter who is not afraid to “go there” when things get tough. Above all, I’m my clients’ champion. I believe in them when they don’t necessarily believe in themselves. I’m committed to their success and while I’m a results driven coach, I make sure we share some laughs along the way.                                                                   

Complimentary coaching session
My clients are powerful, resourceful people. I love being inspired by them and witnessing their incredible acts of courage. It makes being their coach a privilege and an honor.  I invite you to have a complimentary 30-minute coaching session with me to see if we’d be a good fit.  Please email me at julie@juliecoaches.com or just go for it and schedule your call now!