“Working with Julie gave me a much stronger and deeper perspective on my unique strengths and skills. It freed me to lead with greater confidence, take more risks and move on more quickly from the occasional misstep.  I would recommend working with Julie to anyone who wants to do their job better and get more joy out of it. It’s the greatest gift you can give yourself.”  SVP, Account Management, Global Ad Agency

“Julie helped me work  through a transition to a new job, and stayed with me to help me get my footing – she continued to work with me in the new role and sort out everything that changes in that kind of transition.  She got to the core issues in complex situations, helped me develop solutions, and then held me accountable for doing what we agreed was best — even when that was difficult.  Her analytic ability combined with emotional intelligence combined with real-world corporate experience (all wrapped in a friendly, direct style) meant I was able to do things with her support that I probably just wouldn’t have done on my own.  I think personal and professional rewards often come from doing things that are tough and scary, so having somebody beside me meant I did them, and did them thoughtfully and well.   What could be more valuable than that?”  Director, Large Transportation Company 

“Having achieved many of the career goals I had set for myself, I started wondering what was next.  Julie helped me see the path ahead by encouraging me to challenge long-established beliefs and try on new perspectives.  This created a real evolution in my way of thinking and opened my mind to professional opportunities I’d never imagined before. I’m also more honest and comfortable with where I am in life now – an added benefit I didn’t expect.”   Managing Director, Global Investment Bank

“Julie started to work with our employee and within 2 months, the staff was able to see a marked difference in the employee’s attitude. The supervisor that was receiving the coaching program enjoyed working with Julie and found her style both professional and personable. Julie was able to have this supervisor understand the need to balance a well-run department with compassion and understanding for her employees’ needs.  I have no hesitation in recommending Julie as a coaching professional.” Director, Human Resources, Non-Profit Agency

“Since we began working together, Julie has helped me to clarify objectives and, importantly, define and isolate issues that may keep me from realizing my personal vision.  There are keen insights and an integrated approach when it comes to goal setting and assessments. I particularly appreciate the pragmatic nature of her coaching.  Everything is always set firmly in the real world, with an eye on tangible returns.” Marketing Manager, Major Airline

“My coaching experience with Julie was incredibly valuable.  She helped me discover and articulate those things which most often cause self-doubt or hesitation, and she then worked with me to identify specific behaviors to diminish or alleviate those concerns entirely.  Thanks to Julie, I have the tools I need to get past what I now call ‘saboteur moments’ and am able to confidently move forward.”  SVP, Advertising Agency

“When I met Julie, I was both unable to command cooperation and respect from my subordinates and I was afraid of standing up for myself in my relationship with my superiors. Julie quickly helped me realize of my self-sabotaging behaviors and in just a few weeks she took me to a level of self-confidence and assertive behavior that I would have never imagined myself capable of. Julie helped me move out of old habits that were no longer serving me and I am amazed of how far she helped me reach: I am now in a place where everything is negotiable, possible and has a positive potential; fear has been replaced by confidence.

I always look forward to speaking with her as her positive energy is so energizing and she can always help me out of my negative ruts; I love her style and although I originally asked Julie to help me with career issues, her suggestions and her guidance help me deeply also in my personal life. Within a couple of words, Julie always helps me with very logical and simple reality checks. I consider myself very, very fortunate to have met Julie.”   Costume Designer, Major Studio Feature & Television Films

“My experience with Julie was empowering. My goal, I thought, was well defined. What I learned was my thinking of my goal was too narrow — as it broadened, so did I. I’m immensely grateful for my time with Julie. She helped me see me for the first time in a long time.  I would recommend Julie in a heartbeat.” Director of Interactive Media

“After I speak with Julie, I feel like I can make a whole lot happen in my life, and start on it today.  It’s empowering.  And it is working.  She has the ability to ask very pertinent questions, listen to the heart of the matter, and find a way to help me cut to the chase so I can define a realistic action plan with focus and potential.  And Julie does so in a way that allows me to really speak freely about some of what holds me back.  There’s no judgment.  In fact, there’s a relief in the normalization of some of these obstacles, and together we find a way to either hop around or right over them so I can stay connected to all that drives my passion.  I find myself focusing on what moves me forward every day now. Julie is truly gifted at what she does.  And better yet, she helps me realize that I am too.”  Executive Producer

“I began working with Julie to help me through some difficult transitions in both my personal and professional life. Julie is an outstanding coach who demonstrates great insight and compassion. She has terrific listening skills and uses her experience, intuition and curiosity to help identify obstacles to be challenged and overcome and to point out new avenues to explore. I’m constantly impressed with Julie’s ability to quickly get to the heart of the issue, and to gently guide me to where I need to go. With just a few chosen words or an insightful question, Julie can shift my thinking to a whole new level.  I’ve had more “a-ha” moments with Julie than I can count. As a direct result of working with Julie, I’m taking action toward my goals today and feeling more energized by possibilities than ever before. I highly recommend Julie to anyone who is serious about living their life, both personally and professionally, to its fullest potential.” Director of Innovation Research & Strategy

“When I started working with Julie, I had recently left a job that I had not felt empowered by. I was in a mid-career crisis, unsure of what to do next and lacking self-confidence. I was looking to work with someone who could provide actionable structure and applicable tools that would help advance my life, primarily my career.

From the start, Julie focused on the here and now, and offered direct, candid observations. We experimented with applying new perspectives and approaches for situations that I was currently working through. Julie created a safe structure in which to push my comfort zone and learn about my perception of self and my interaction with the world and people around me. She asked me tough questions that touched on the core of what I was struggling with. These questions are easy to avoid when you look to external forces to define whether you are meeting your potential. She listened and provided tools to better recognize old habits and to better acquaint myself with my true self.

After working with Julie, I now have more and better tools for moving through moments of self-doubt, and even seeking out the challenges I want to tackle to grow and experience life. I have an understanding of my power to choose how I meet these challenges. Julie helped me to find my voice and to credit that voice as having validity and merit in my life and in others’.” Venture Capitalist/Consultant

“Before I started working with Julie, I felt frustrated with my job. I have a dysfunctional boss. I felt trapped. Working with Julie has opened new possibilities for me. Julie has also helped me enormously to deal with my current work situation with specific advice and encouragement. Julie is encouraging and motivating. She helps bring a fresh perspective to my experiences. I now feel more empowered in my work life that I have in years, and hopeful about my future career. I highly recommend Julie Fotos.”  Executive Editor, Consumer Magazine 

“Working with Julie Fotos was amazing. She was easy to talk to, had great career AND life coaching advice. She was very simple and straightforward. I felt she really cared about my development and success. The skills I learned from her were invaluable. With Julie I was able to dig deeper into the uncomfortable places that hold you back from being a leader. You know sometimes you go into coaching really down on yourself and what you’ve accomplished so your esteem is really low. But with Julie, she guided me toward accepting the past and gaining closure; being comfortable with not always having an answer – but still listening; celebrating what I’ve accomplished; having integrity; paying attention to the stories in my head; making declarations and so much more.  All of these skills have helped me personally and professionally. I’m excited about the future…thanks to Julie.” Managing Director, Media Agency